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automobile windshield or windscreen replacement

Having your vehicle’s windshield properly replaced when the time comes with top-quality parts is vital to your safety on the road. A correctly installed windshield is integral to the structure of your car, reducing impact and damage in the event of a crash. Although there are DIY guides, it’s recommended to take your car to an auto glass shop when you need a full replacement. 

 At Smiley’s Auto Glass, our technicians are experienced and trained. We abide by all Auto Glass Safety Council standards. In order to make sure that your car’s auto glass installation is successful, we pay attention to all details, including the quality of the glass materials, adhesives, and inspect all the glass in your vehicle for safety.

Proper Installation Procedure for Auto Glass

The Automotive Glass Replacement Safety Standard (AGRSS) outlines the steps and specifications of the process. In accordance with this document, our Smiley’s auto glass technicians are kept up-to-date on all installation procedures. When you take your car to the auto glass shop, here is what you can expect:

  1. Your vehicle will be prepped for the installation. The technician will prep the car by placing protective tape around the windows and towels on top of the dashboard and over the hood. They will properly remove your windshield wipers and rear-view mirror, as well as any other external attachments and store them safely until the installation is done.
  2. Removing the old windshield. Your auto glass tech will first remove the molding strip that holds the glass in place, and then they’ll use a special knife to break through the urethane adhesive before removing the glass. This process requires some force so don’t be alarmed if the glass breaks! It’s normal, and the professional knows how to clean up the glass safely.
  3. Prep the window for installation. A technician has special tools that enable them to cut down the old adhesive as close to the frame as possible. Then, the frame must be primed to prevent contamination when the new glass is installed. 
  4. Placing the new windshield. Once the frame is prepped and ready, the tech “dry sets” the windshield with a new layer of urethane adhesive. Using a specific tool that looks like a caulking-gun, the technician will apply new adhesive around the windshield ensuring it stays in place. 
  5. Finishing touches. After the glass is properly installed and cleaned, the technician will finish the process by re-attaching your wipers, mirrors, and anything else that was removed in the process. The auto shop will take care of recycling the glass for you.

You should expect the procedure to be done smoothly and quickly. Customer service is an important part of the experience as well. Your technician should be able to answer any questions, be upfront about costs and time, and provide a guarantee that all work was done accurately. 

Auto Glass Installation Near You

At Smiley’s Auto Glass in Richmond, we have nearly 60 years of experience. We’re a family-owned business that understands the importance of customer satisfaction, which is why we provide the best possible service to our clients. All of our technicians are trained experts in accordance with AGRSS procedures. Call us at 804-320-7172 to schedule a time to bring in your car for a windshield replacement. 

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