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Key Ingredients in Quality Glass

At Smiley’s Glass, we take pride in only using the highest quality glass for our customers. We follow the Auto Glass Safety Council AGRSS Standard guidelines and only use tested and manufacturer-approved glass products. Ensuring that we offer our customers the best products comes down to the ingredients used to make the windshields we install. Here are some recommendations for anyone looking for a windshield replacement or repair.

Key Ingredients in Glass

In the United States, windshields are required to be made from laminated glass. Laminated glass is less likely to shatter in an accident. The key ingredients are silica, sodium oxide, and calcium oxide. The raw materials that these ingredients come from include sand, soda ash, and limestone. There are also other oxides that can be processed into a windshield that still pass standards. These oxides are all combined through a float glass process. In this process, raw materials are heated into a molten state and put into a temperature-safe tin. After it has cooled, these ingredients form a windshield that will be cut and tempered to the proper shape. It is cleaned, then laminated. This makes windshields much more malleable than traditional glass.

OEM Windshields

When the time has come to find a replacement windshield for your vehicle, you’ll have the option to choose from an original equipment manufacturer windshield or an aftermarket one. Your best bet is to find an OEM windshield because they will be identical to the one that needs to be replaced. It will fit correctly and provide the same level of safety as the windshield you are replacing. Although aftermarket windshields typically cost much less than the OEM versions, this is a situation where you get what you pay for. Cheaper is not always better when it comes to parts for your car. You don’t want to take a chance with your safety, no matter how much you’ll be saving.

Quality Installation

Even with the proper windshield, you won’t be protected unless you have an installation that follows proper safety techniques. At Smiley’s Glass, we follow the most stringent safety guidelines from AGRSS and the Department of Transportation. We don’t take these jobs lightly and understand that our customers depend on us to keep them safe. Our technicians only use approved parts and materials for all vehicle types.

Hire a Professional

Smiley’s Glass does glass installationright. Since 1963, we have provided the Richmond area with quality repair and replacement for your windshield and other glass products. We are locally owned and operated and proud to serve our neighbors with professional service. You can request a free quote today by phone at 804-320-7172 or by using our online request system.

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