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Fog (also known as condensation) on your interior vehicle windows is a huge problem for your car during the winter. It limits your visibility, making it difficult and unsafe to drive. If you’re on the road and your windows are fogging up, here’s a quick list to help you defog it fast:

  • Put the heat on high
  • Turn on the AC
  • Deactivate the air recirculation
  • Roll down the car windows

Following these four steps should help you return your car windows to a state where you have visibility. There are a few reasons these four steps can help save you and your car. There are also a few different techniques depending on the weather you’re driving in. Defog your car windows fast in any conditions with these guidelines. If you’re a new driver or have a new driver in the family, it’s a great idea to print these directions and place them in the car, until these become ingrained as a driving habit. You don’t want to be caught off guard and potentially end up in a dangerous situation!

How it Works

Foggy windows happen when there’s moisture trapped inside the car, and the temperature outside is cooler than the temperature inside the car. When the weather is more humid and full of water those particles come into contact with the air in your car making it even foggier. Warm air loves moisture, so the best thing to do is rapidly lower the temperature in your car. 

Turning up the heat on full blast will help to dry out any moisture particles trapped in the car. It is best to use the defroster setting and turn it up as high as it will go for it to work. Since warm air can attract more moisture, if your heat is warm rather than hot (happens in older and well-used cars), then turn it off. Next, you should turn on the air conditioning so that the new air can help in the drying process. Then turn the air recirculation off. You’ll need fresh air to bring the car temps inside the car closer to the temperature outside, which will help defog immediately. 

Defogging Windows Quick When It’s Raining

Rain tends to fog up your car quickly because of the moisture in the air. This happens most often in the winter. When it rains you should:

  • Turn on the air conditioner. This will help release air immediately to cool down the inside and help dry the moisture particles. 
  • Turn the air recirculation off. This will stop the humid air from bouncing around your vehicle and allow fresh air in. 

Keep Your Glass in Good Condition

One way to prevent fogging up your car all the time is to keep your auto glass well-maintained and make sure you’re using quality products that are installed properly. If you have any issues with your vehicle’s glass, call Smiley’s Glass at 804-320-7172 to talk to an expert. We can replace your glass quickly with the best glass products available for your particular car. 

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