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Car steering wheel dashboard on a blurry foggy landscape.From above shot.

It’s extremely dangerous when anything impairs your vision while driving. A foggy windshield is no exception. No matter what the weather is like outdoors the interior of your windshield can get fogged up. 

What Causes a Windshield to Fog

Windshields provide a barrier between you and the outdoors. The main function is protecting you from rain, wind and providing safety during a crash. They are subject to fogging up during certain times and it can result in unsafe driving conditions. When warm air comes into contact with a cold surface, the result is condensation or fog. Temperature differences between the car’s interior and the outside air result in foggy windows. 

How to Get Rid of a Foggy Windshield in Warm Temperatures

When you experience a foggy windshield in warm temperatures, it’s the result of the moisture level and temperature outside exceeding the temperature inside your vehicle. This can happen often when running the AC on a humid summer day. To eliminate a foggy windshield on warm summer days you need to increase the moisture level and temperature inside your car to balance it out. Try these tips.

1. Use the Windshield Wipers

Use your car’s windshield wipers to remove condensation that’s on the exterior of the windshield. By using your wipers you’ll be allowing the temperatures to balance out as you remove the moisture barrier. You’ll still likely see it fog back up gradually, but this will provide a quick clearing. Using a low wiper speed while dispensing your washer fluid will provide a quick cleaning while clearing the exterior fog.

2. Turn Off the Air Conditioner

Turn down the air conditioner in your car, or turn it off temporarily. Open your window slightly, just until the fog clears completely, then you can turn the AC back on. You may consider turning the defrost on with a little heat to adjust the inside temp to closely match the outside temp. By increasing your car’s temperature you’ll clear up the foggy windshield.

3. Clean the Windshield 

As with winter windshield fog, you can reduce fog in the warmer months by cleaning your windows on both sides and using an anti-fog cleaner on the inside of the windows. A dirty window is more likely to fog up than a clean window and will impair visibility greatly. As a windshield collects tiny dirt particles it creates ideal areas for water to begin to condense, causing fog to occur more quickly and more often than it would on a clean window. Regularly using window cleaner can help prevent fog from forming in the first place.

There are also automotive anti-fog treatments, like Rain-X, that you can use on your windows. In combination with a clean window, these materials work well to reduce the likelihood of fog since they're specifically formulated for this use. Most products come in a liquid form, which you can easily apply to a clean, dry window.

It's important to keep your windshield in good shape. If your foggy windshield doesn’t seem to ever go away or if you notice some cracks or chips in the windshield, it’s time to call an experienced professional for replacement or repair. Contact Smiley’s Glass for your auto glass needs. Having your car’s glass replaced or repaired is easy and convenient with our mobile service. 

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