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Auto glass care on your big rig should be a top priority for safety. Cracked glass or glass that causes limited visibility can result in an accident. Keeping the windshield free of debris and clean inside and out is pretty simple, but there are some routine actions you can take to make sure your auto glass is safe as can be. 

Your windshield wipers play an essential role in windshield safety. If your wipers are not functioning as they should, your windshield will show it. Streaks from road grime will not be washed away when using your wiper fluid if the wipers are decaying or not set up properly. During safety inspections a professional will check your wipers, but they can become worn in between inspections and you’ll be the first to notice. If you start to see a buildup on your windshield glass it could be a simple fix to just replace wipers, and clean the windshield. 

Cleaning the interior and exterior of the windows is a little time consuming due to the window size in a semi truck but it’s worth the time and effort. A basic auto or household glass cleaner and a clean dry cloth or paper towels is all you'll need for this job. Often, due to the amount of time spent on the road, the exterior of a semi truck’s windows will be subjected to a buildup of road grime. A solution of warm soapy water may be necessary to remove the layer of dirt. After washing off the dirt and thoroughly drying the glass, you can apply a glass cleaner to remove any streaks left behind. 

Drivers of semi trucks should always avoid riding behind other big rigs as the deep tire treads and oversized tires can send small rocks and gravel flying up on roadways. The closer you are to other trucks the more likely it is that a rock or other damaging road debris can hit your windshield leaving a crack or chip. Drivers should also take precautions of where they park to avoid potential hazards. For example, drivers should not park under a tree that may lose limbs in a storm.

Get your big rig windshield repaired or replaced right away if it has even a small crack. As you know, anytime your truck is off the road, it might cost you thousands of dollars. Fixing a smaller issue such as a crack or chip is more cost-effective than a full replacement of any auto glass. If the crack spreads to impair visibility it will likely require a replacement, and a full replacement may be necessary anyway depending on the extent and location of damage. 

The cost of a big rig windshield replacement as compared to a car windshield is pretty significant. However, fixing that small chip before it worsens may save you some time and money so your schedule isn't negatively impacted. A windshield glass repair with a crack or chip is pretty much the same cost for smaller as well as larger vehicles. Just be sure it’s done by a trusted professional, as they can recommend whether a repair job or full replacement is necessary.

When you choose a trusted service professional to get your big rig windshield glass repaired or replaced you can rest assured that it was done right. Smiley’s Glass makes all your glass needs affordable and convenient with our mobile options. Contact us today for a quote and stay safe on the roads. 

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