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Bulldozer, Excavator and Soil compactor on road work. Earth-moving heavy equipment and Construction machinery during land clearing, grading, pool excavation, utility trenching and digging

The glass in trucks, bulldozers, farming tractors, and other commercial and large vehicles is the backbone of safety for the workers operating these machines. At Smiley’s Glass, we’ve been servicing heavy equipment glass for decades in the area, with a variety of companies relying on us to provide the top-quality customer safety glass they need to keep projects moving. Even a small crack or hole in the glass can expose your employees to a variety of dangers, and the best maintenance for heavy equipment glass is professional services. 

Chips, Cracks, and Holes Can Compromise Safety

Farms, construction sites, and other areas operating heavy machinery are held to incredibly high safety standards by state bureaus. This is understandable, as the individuals licensed to operate this equipment can end up injured easily if the protocol isn’t followed. The glass used for this equipment is especially heavy-duty and made to withstand flying rocks and debris, as well as a number of air pollutants. Unreported and ignored chips and cracks can result in the driver being hurt by construction material or expose them to pesticides, dirt, dust, and other chemicals found at these sites. This leaves the project company liable - so it benefits everyone to keep a close eye on your machinery. 

Maintaining Heavy Equipment Glass and Preventing Damage

Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do to prevent cracks and breaks during the machine’s normal usage. This glass is used at particularly dangerous sites, and that makes them overall very susceptible to damage. The best thing you can do is prevent further damage by immediately taking care of the problem. It’s a good idea to inspect all equipment at the end of the day and mark down any problems or damage so it can be repaired right away. 

We understand that projects can’t always be halted in order to fix machines, which is why we will send our best experts to make sure that your heavy equipment glass is fixed quickly without compromising quality. Some damage merits panes and simpler fixes, while some damage will require a replacement. This also depends on the type of work being done. It’s best to talk to your local glass shop and let them know what you need, so they can customize a solution for you. 

Making Sure Your Glass Adheres to Standards

The U.S. Safety and Occupational Health Administration, OSHA, has very specific standards to make sure that workers stay safe on the job. Anything that compromises their well-being may be a violation. While a chip or small crack in the glass may not initially seem like a problem, you must remember that it may compromise the employee in a variety of ways - like exposing them to harmful chemicals, harsh weather conditions, and debris. At Smiley’s, our experts are trained and versed in state auto-glass standards, OSHA standards, and other state requirements that pertain to heavy equipment glass and will make sure that all of your repairs and replacement glass parts are industry standard. Call us at 804-320-7172 and talk to an expert about getting immediate repairs on your heavy equipment glass.

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