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Broken windshield of a car

As you're driving your windshield is vulnerable to many road hazards, such as rocks and debris flying down the road. It can become damaged at any moment, and any chips or cracks may compromise the safety of your passengers.

Windshield damage is a common occurrence that's usually caused by flying rocks and other airborne debris, or even weather-related events such as hail. It's easy to ignore what might seem like an insignificant cosmetic issue, and you might think that getting a ticket is the worst possible consequence of driving with a broken windshield. Police and safety experts disagree. It’s a fact that the dangers of driving a vehicle with windshield damage are serious and sometimes even life threatening. 

There are a few ways a broken windshield compromises safety. Obstructed vision is one huge concern, but there are others to be aware of.

Driving with a broken windshield should always be avoided, especially when the damaged glass impairs visibility. With time, moisture, dirt and even windshield washer fluid seep into the “sandwich layers” of the glass causing discoloration and further decreasing visibility. This only worsens over time so the damage should be repaired as soon as possible to ensure clear visibility and maximum safety.

When a windshield is intact it provides structural integrity in a front-end collision. The force of a front-end impact is transferred down to the chassis when all window glass is in good condition. This lessens the effect felt inside the car and helps protect all occupants. 

An undamaged windshield adds vital structural support that can keep a car's roof from caving in if the vehicle flips over. A crack in the glass can weaken the windshield, and if it breaks and the roof is crushed, the occupants may be seriously injured.

During a tragic incident such as a roll-over, occupants are at great risk of being ejected if seat belts aren’t fastened. Having an intact windshield can lessen the risk of passengers being forcefully thrown from the car. A windshield with a minor crack or chip that shatters on impact offers no protection.

In many cars, the windshield is an essential component in the proper deployment of the passenger side airbag. When a collision triggers deployment, an intact windshield is the backstop that makes the airbag inflate toward the passenger. The force of an airbag deployment can easily shatter a cracked or chipped windshield. If that happens, the bag may inflate out through the opening, and the passenger won't have the full protection of the airbag.

As you can see a broken windshield can result in serious and even fatal consequences. It’s better to be on the safe side and get that cracked or chipped windshield repaired or replaced. At Smiley’s Glass we take your safety seriously. We have convenient service hours and even have hassle-free mobile service at your home or place of business to handle your auto glass needs to keep you and your vehicle safe as possible on the road.

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