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Although windshields are built to withstand a lot of the dangers of the road, there comes a time when even the most trusty windshield cracks and breaks. This may be due to a road accident or flying debris - whatever it is, it’s always an inconvenience. It’s incredibly unsafe to drive around with a cracked windshield, especially if it is in your line of vision. You likely want to take care of the problem right away and may be tempted to use a windshield repair kit.

At Smiley’s Glass, we have plenty of experts that can help you with your windshield crack. We’re generally not in favor of DIY jobs - but it’s not because we’re a business. One of our biggest core values is customer safety. That’s why we use the best materials and hire certified experts. We generally discourage anything that may make driving unsafe, like DIY repair kits. These kits don’t use the best materials and may create a dangerous situation. 

A DIY job can go south, and there’s no fixing the problem if you’ve made a mistake. Once the resin from a DIY repair kit is inserted in the crack, there’s no going back. If it was done incorrectly this could cost you more than the original damage.

Windshield Repair Kits vs. Expert Care

Many individuals are DIY experts when it comes to building and fixing things. We think that’s great! You may even find dozens of videos that will teach you to fix your windshield crack at a fraction of the cost. DIY kits are cheap for a reason - it’s all about quality. 

Many people have found that DIY jobs don’t stick. It may be a quality issue with cheap resin or the job may have been done incorrectly. Even with instructions and videos, mistakes are easy to make when it comes to cracks in the windshield glass. 

Another downside of DIY repair is that you may end up voiding your vehicle’s warranty if you do the job yourself. It also lower’s the car’s resale value. An at-home repair may seem like a good idea, but improperly done can create a dangerous situation on the road.

When you go to a repair shop, the obvious advantage is that you’re paying for expertise. Glass shops adhere to certain federal glass safety standards when it comes to installation or repair. They also use the highest quality materials to ensure that the repair job is done well and a professional installation company will guarantee their work.

If you have a small crack, a windshield repair kit can help you temporarily fix the problem if you don’t have the funds for a replacement. The resin in the kit can help stop fractures from spreading and becoming larger. However, this is a temporary solution, as eventually, that resin will wear off and the break may begin to get larger. 

You should also keep in mind that not all cracks and chips are repairable. There are times that you may consider using a DIY kit, and then there are situations where you definitely have to take your vehicle to a glass repair shop. If there is a tiny crack and it is nowhere near your line of vision, you may temporarily decide to fix it yourself. Larger cracks and chips will likely spread and make the problem significantly worse. Having any marks near your line of vision is detrimental to basic safety rules. If the crack is near the base of the window, near the wipers, it is also likely you will require professional help. The pressure from the way the car is built means that cracks near the windshield can grow large, or even cause the entire windshield to shatter.

Call a Glass Repair Shop

At Smiley’s Glass, we’ve understood the importance of staying up-to-date with all rules and regulations of vehicle glass installation for more than 50 years. Our friendly, family-owned business can help you with any damage to your windshield. We abide by AGRSS practices. All of our technicians are certified experts who can fix cracks permanently. Call us today at 804-320-7172 and bring your car in for quick and reliable service.

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