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Virginia winters are tough on your vehicle’s windshields and windows. Preparing your autoglass and yourself with the right information is vital, so that you can take care of any situations before they become a problem. 

While automotive glass is created to be super tough and withstand harsh weather conditions - it is still glass and subject to the rules of physics. Changes in temperature cause glass to expand and contract, often in such a way that causes the glass to become taught, and more susceptible to cracks from flying debris. Glass can also shatter from intense temperature changes, and your windshield becomes more prone to scratches and damage from ice, salt, and other weather-related factors.

There are a few things you can do to take care of your windshield and windows in the winter. These three tips will help tackle the most common problems people have with their windshields when the weather turns freezing. 

Avoid Shocking Your Windshield With Temperature Changes

While it seems like pouring boiling water over your car after a snowstorm might be effective to get it to warm up, this may actually cause the glass to shatter or become more prone to cracking immediately after. You should try to use ice scrapers and your defrost to allow it to melt gradually. Remove ice by hand when you can. You can also purchase deicer fluids to use on your windshield, which get rid of ice quickly without damaging anything in the process. Heat the car from the inside first, adjusting your defrost slowly and giving the glass time to adjust. Suddenly shocking temperatures from freezing to hot can cause the class to pit, crack, or shatter. If you have any existing cracks or scratches on your windshield, they may get worse from sudden temperature changes that make the glass more sensitive. 

Cover the Glass With a Windshield Protector

Another great way to prevent ice and cold damage to your windshield in the winter is to use a specially-crafted windshield protector. These tarps fit around your windshield and will work to prevent ice and sludge from sticking to your windshield when you’re not using your car. It’s a really easy way to maintain your glass. 

Have Your Glass Inspected in the Fall

Be prepared for the winter season and have your car’s glass inspected by professionals to ensure you won’t have any issues this winter. Older cars or glass that has been cracked or chipped, or otherwise put through its paces deserves to get a stamp of safety from a qualified professional. Cracks and chips can spread quickly in the winter, which means a greater chance of shattered glass. It’ll also waste energy as you’re driving and heating your car, cracks and chips allow the hot air to escape. You wouldn’t want your windshield to suddenly break because of an unknown weakness while you or your family is in the car, so if you have any worries about your glass making it through another tough, icy, winter, give your local auto glass shop a call. 

At Smiley’s Glass, we have over 30 years of experience serving the community around Richmond, so we know exactly what to check for. Call us at 804-320-7172 to talk to an autoglass expert and make an appointment for any autoglass services you may need. 

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